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Rebecca Doran, MSN, RN, NCSN, PEL-SN 

Illinois State Board of Education  Principal Consultant School Nursing
Springfield, IL

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Springfield, IL
Illinois State Board of Education
Principal Consultant School Nursing

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Rebecca (Becky) Doran as School Nurse Consultant is an advocate for implementing Whole School, Whole Child, and Whole Community (WSCC) model strategies for the youth in Illinois Schools. She joined Illinois State Board of Education and brings a comprehensive understanding of Healthcare Administration and Organizational Culture. She sits as a representative for two statewide taskforces for the Illinois Opioid Crisis Response Advisory, Health in ALL Illinois, as well as the Immunization Advisory Council for the State. Ms. Doran works with grants for Trauma-Informed Services in Schools SAMHSA's Cooperative Agreement for Illinois Resilience Education to Advance Community Healing (REACH)-Out and SAMHSA's Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education (AWARE) which are federally funded grants that Illinois State Board of Education received. Additionally, she oversees state level grant for Community Partnerships. She is a contributing author to two published professional articles related to pediatric case management and nursing education in the school setting.